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Who's going to the Emmy's?

Veronica1776's picture
on September 10, 2008 - 10:05pm

Hello all,

Who is planning on going to the Emmy's on Sept 21st? My good friend Nessa and i want to go and i know that there are more grobies out there that would love to attend. How about it girls???
I want to find out if they tape it a day before or if it's live, I did however found out through Nessa that tickets are $600 a piece!!!
So I think i'll just sit outside and wait til he comes out! LOL
I've had the toughest day, had a collections meeting and that went bad!! We found out that one of our customers went belly up and they owe us 4 million dollars!!! (i you know how many Emmy tickets i can buy with that???? J/K )
We are now required to make a journal of all the things we do at work,(make us waste more time!!) we are just so swamped and now we have to write it down!! Will it ever end???

I'm going to bed, i'm so sleepy that i am complaining of any little thing...i apologize.

bye for now,
Grobie luv to all,

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