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It's Thursday?

lfranklin's picture
on September 11, 2008 - 5:55am

Yesterday I was complaining that it was Monday and then *WHOOSH* it's suddenly Thursday! How'd that happen?

Oh yes, now I recall: piles of work and a busy skating/social calendar seem to whisk the days right out from under me.

But things are actually going well. At work yesterday I was able to bring numbers into a meeting that proved that we have to rework parts of the code which is a major victory for me. I've been fighting with this project for a while now because it's so convoluted underneath that it's a great relief to *finally* have the project managers recognize that no, I haven't been slacking and progress has been slow because the person I took over for coded it to be slow.


Now if only I could get my axel in time for the next competition... I'm getting *so* close!

EDIT: Just realized today was Sept. 11th. Reserving time tonight for some proper respects to those we've lost much too early.

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