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on September 14, 2008 - 12:24pm

Well, after morning worship services, we decided to go eat at the community college cafeteria with some others we go to church with. After a good meal, we came home and the girls decided that they would unload the dishwasher for me and refill it with the dishes from breakfast. So, I was sitting here, catching up on everyone's weekend, when all of the sudden this huge crash and shattering began...and kept going for a minute...poor Riley was trying to put up some stoneware plates on one of the top shelves. Now, she's tall for her age, but she still needed a stool to reach it. She was doing everything right, not goofing off, and even had Kara helping hand her the plates. Somehow the plates just kept falling...we have one left of those that were in the cabinet. I'm so thankful the girls weren't hurt! Poor Riley was so upset, and just kept apologizing to me as the tears came. They're just plates. They make more every day! I told her it mattered more to me that they didn't get hurt and that if it were necessary, we'd eat on paper plates if we had to! I wish I could say that my heart didn't just about pound out of my chest, though! It really scared me there for a minute...I didn't know what to expect when I went to see what had happened!

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