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I'm crabby

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on September 14, 2008 - 6:33pm

Well I don't even know why I'm crabby really. I just feel "out of sorts" and not really myself. I went to bed early last night because I was tired; I hadn't slept much the night before - hang on I'm getting to that part ... and I woke up late and maybe that's my problem; TOO MUCH SLEEP! Friday I went to work anticipating being there all day but Laura asked me if I could work Saturday so she didn't have to hire another float nurse to work the back while Jessi worked the front -- I had already made plans with Chrissy to go to a hotel with Duncan and Emma that night but I really didn't see much of a problem working in the morning considering it was Dr. Bryan's Saturday and she's not usually very busy. So like a fool I said yes. I left work around 2 and stopped by Wal Mart on the way home for cat litter -- this is so interesting isn't it? **insert giggling smilie here** Just riveting! Anyway ... Chrissy came over, we waited for Caryn to get home from her orientation at Taco Hell ... did I mention that she was working there now? Anyway we packed our stuffs and went to LaQuinta for the night. Emma hates sitting in restaurants, have I mentioned that? A two year-old and a restaurant are NOT a good mix!! We went swimming at the hotel - Emma and Duncan are both fishes when it comes to water! Chrissy and Caryn were in the hottub and were trying to get Emma to go in and she did a few times but she was a grandma's girl and wanted to be by grandma so she was in the big pool mostly. Well finally Chrissy and Caryn moved over to the regular pool and no one was in the hottub and Emma decided she would go in it ... she gurgled until the water for a few secs while I raced over and grabbed her out. What a little STINKER!!! She likes to make my heart pound that's for sure! So swimming time was over for Miss Emma and her grandma and the two of us plus Chrissy made our way back to the room and changed into our jammies. I slept like crap. I only had Caryn's phone alarm to wake me and I think I was just scared to miss it so I slept feather light or not at all and I was lucky I did because her alarm didn't go off. I made it to work - and early too! After work we went to Schaumburg and discovered there was an indoor Legoland there! Thank God because it has been raining here for 4 days straight and it was a torrential downpour yesterday! We had fun - Emma enjoyed herself and Duncan was in Heaven. Afterwards we just came back here and Chrissy went home - only to be evacuated in the morning due to flooding! She packed up a few things and went to a friend's house - now tonight she's called me from work - they may shut that down too! She said she didn't have anywhere to go, yes she does! I told her to come here, to call me any time and I would open my home to her! She's such a good person - who would leave HER out in the cold and rain?!!! NOT ME!

So today I'm out of sorts and I don't know why. I feel cranky but kind of sad I guess. I can't really put my finger on it. I feel restless and uneasy. I wanted chili for dinner and Kyler crabbed so much about hating it that I made something else and just didn't eat. Caryn was watching (well she's still watching it) a show about 911 - actual footage from people who filmed it, voices of actual firefighters in the buildings, and I'm sitting here bawling. It's just so awful! They showed when the first building fell and the cloud that followed it - it was like watching a horror movie!!!!!! The worst thing I feel is that while this only happened once here in the US it happens every day somewhere else in the world. The horror that we felt for one day is felt every day for some people and that just sickens me. I think I just need a good cry.

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