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i cried infront of my english class

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on September 15, 2008 - 8:38pm

my professor was going to each student, one by one, asking us to tell the class about what topic we've chosen to write about.

the main topic is "remembering an event."
at first, i thought i'd write about the concert i went to.

but, as i heard other students talk about their event, i decide i would write about me losing my balance in 2006 and that whole horrid thing.

some of you know about what happened.

when it was my turn, my heart felt heavy. i started talking about my loosing my balance. getting all sort of test done that didn't show anything and that even now they still don't know what i had.

then, the water works started.
i couldn't talk anymore and my throat was closing up.

when i started to mention, that it hurt me to see my mom take care of her 18 year old daughter as if she was a baby.

i couldn't even finish, because i started to cry even more.

i know why i started crying.

when this was happening, i never thought of anything. the only important thing in my mind was, "i have to learn to walk again."
i never talked to any body about it and it turns out that it's a really soft, emotional spot for me.

especially, when i think of what the doctor told me.

it can come back just as easily as it did the first time and that scares me.


was that after class, when i was heading out 2 doors to leave...this guy Carlos, who i think is really cute, really tall, held both doors for me and started talking to me.

before we parted ways, he said, "i'm thankful that you're all better now."

how sweet is he. my heart just melted to see that he cared and doesn't know me.

I WANT HIM! (*whispers* sorry josh)

OH! josh has a song/duet with Ben Folds. (or the other way around)

PM me if you want to listen to it.

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