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The little things!

vijaykumar's picture
on September 16, 2008 - 12:51pm

the things in life I really enjoy are the little things. Here lately, little things have reminded me of Josh. I was watching tv night before last. Sorry, I don't remember what I was watching. Anyway, this guy got into an argument with another guy and he said he was Joshed. I about hit the floor. Also, I have a sick child once again. So, I called the pharmacy. While I was on hold, Josh's song 'You're Still you' came on. I told the pharmacist to put me back on hold. LOL! He laughed at me. He just don't understand. It's Josh how could you not get it? *wink* I am in such a Josh mood. My 3 year old like to listen to 'Machine'. He tells me "Mommy, play my favorite song" Isn't that sweet? That is also my ringtone for my cell phone.

I guess I am a bigger Josh fan than a Buble fan. UUHHHHH! Did I just say that out loud? SHHHH! Don't tell anyone! My Buble friends might hear.

Have a great Joshful evening!


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