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Okay so I cried ...

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on September 16, 2008 - 6:24pm

All the bloomin' way to work today - yeah I looked great walking in with a big, red Bozo nose and watery eyes. The OM asking me what's wrong - I would have liked to have slapped the stupid out of her. Does she really think I'm going to just take a deep breath and start spewing everything that's wrong in my life to the likes of HER? Backstabbing, two-faced, evil betch from hell? ::laughing:: I don't think so. No. And I was over half and hour late for work because I had to go back home and grab my glasses - by noon I wouldn't be able to see through my tear-stained contacts and that just wouldn't do when I was working until 6 with Dr. Smith. So I was feeling like white trash again this morning - I don't know why but everything was hopeless ... and it made me cry. I was going to call in and say I wasn't coming in but I knew Jessi had some sort of Naperville Healthcare meeting she was expected to attend and then there was the office meeting - which is a total yawnfest most of the time. But I actually think it was good for me to go to work. I drown myself in my work and then I don't think about stupid stuff - like my life. ::snicker:: Don't - do not - worry about me - I'm still fine. Now if this continues well then we're going to have to DO something about it but until then ... I'm good, I swear. Did you see the goofy thread I put on the main discussion forum for Josh? Then you know I'm okay.

For now.

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