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Relaxed at Last

vijaykumar's picture
on September 18, 2008 - 12:03am

Here in Kentucky we had a severe windstorm from hurricane Ike. So half of the city I live in is without out power. My roomate and I have been without for 3 days. I was stuck in the house for three days with no power and she was getting on my nerves so badly that I got into my almost broke car with hardly no gas and drove ten miles to my sister's to get away from my roomate and her seriously challenged boyfriend. Well no sooner did I get here then she was calling me and telling me that the power came back on. Wouldn't you know!!! Well I am here till at least Friday when I get paid to put gas in my car to go home. But will probaly go home Saturday just so my mom who lives two streets over will let me use her car to go to Spanish class. My car so won't make it downtown I am surprised it made it to my sisters. I cant wait to get my finacial aide so I can get a new car. Also I drive a school bus and they have cancelled school all week long which is fine by me but they will be making it up in May all well.

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