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BIG NEWS- sorta, well yeah

njanja's picture
on September 19, 2008 - 11:32am

Ok, so here's the update...
Tomorrow is my audition for this singing studio, I'll be singing Heaven help my heart and Someone else's story. I keep saying that the mistress and the wife will be embodied in one person. Lol (not really funny I know)
And ANOTHER big news... there will be this show here in Croatia, "Idol" concept. I was thinking for a long time of whether or not I should apply and in the end I did, I still don't know why... I mean, I want it, far from it, I'd love it but I'm terrified. I'll be singing Beauty and the Beast... God help me that I don't embarrass myself.
In case it all goes well, I'll put in on YouTube for you guys to see... in case it goes well.
Ok, that's it for now... pray for me people! (and you Tom, I know, you can just wish me luck ;) )

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