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todays ramble

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on September 19, 2008 - 8:14pm

Happy Friday to all. Hope everyone has fun plans to start of their kickin weekend! Not me, I have to get up early tomorrow, so will end up getting to bed way earlier than I want to. It wouldn't be so bad, but I am alone, so no fun at all. LOLOL!

Anyway, the last couple of days I have found myself watching the Oprah show. I like her show because it ususally gives you great insights to think about. But some times I wonder if the topics do more harm then good at times. For instance, yesterday she aired a show about cheating men. Although the intention from her was to give women a wake up call, it came out as that men need to be watched carefully. It made me think things I didn't want to think of at all and now it has me concerned. I do trust my sweetie and all, but lets face it, being 3000 miles away from me, he would have opportunity to do so without me knowing. It would be so easy for him to have more than one women in his life. SO how much trust and faith do I put in this relationship? Well, I try to give him all of it, but I do admit, my fears pop up from time to time. That is the hard part about Long Distant relationship is that it requires a HUGE amount of trust. I do wonder if he ever has these fears. If he had, he never tells me. I will say one point was made on the show and is very true. Where there is mystery in a relationship, a persons mind tends to venture to the dark places. Meaning that we think the worst possible situation when we don't know.Its why communication is so very important. I admit, there are things I don't know and want to ask, but I really am a little worried that I might hurt his feelings. God, I really hated that watching her show yesterday, it made me relive my worries yet again. Not sure what the whole point in what was being said. Use less worry if you ask me.

But todays show was a lot better. They had a 16 year old girl who had the most amazing voice I have heard in a long time. Her dream was to sing with her idol Celine Dion, and sure enough, Oprah made it happen. Kudos to Oprah for that! All I can say was that it rocked the house big time! I have been a huge fan of Celine's myself, and this girl could hold her own to her. I thought of her as a mini Celine. Maybe one day will hear her sing with Josh too. Its a lovely thought! After all, how often does a big time celebrity take on a kid as a singing partner?

Well, other than that, spent most of today catching up on FOJG. And sure enough, they are at it again. This time the politics of the upcoming elections have brought out the nastiness in some. I could never understand how people can talk politics on what use to be a fun place. Politics and Grobanisim don't mix well if ya ask me. I never have enjoyed any politics what so ever, so it has been easy for me to stay away from it all together. Yes, I admit, I do not vote at all. I know some will look at that as a bad thing, but really, I can't vote just to vote. I don't like any of the canidates anyway, so why would I bother.Maybe I will just vote for Josh! All hail president Josh! Kind of like the sound of that...LOLOL!!! I can see his first order of business....Guitar hero a must for every home. Please don't even bother writing to me and telling me why I should vote. I don't want to even hear it. Yuck! But am surprised at how some Grobanites just do not learn the valuable lesson on accepting other peoples opinions as what it is. Opinions. I am saddened because I see so many wonderful people being pushed away because of having different thoughts and feelings on any given subject really. Why do people continue to talk about things that make so many uncomfortable... I mean just because you have the right to say something, does it mean you should??? I don't think so. I would not want to say anything that would hurt a fellow Grobanite, so I would not say it. I just wish Grobanites would remember we are all there for one reason, the music. I am tired of people picking apart things said by others and put a whole new meaning to the words. Let us just have fun.....and try to support one another! This life is way to short to spend it bickering with one another. Remember the fun, the laughter.....Don't waste your soul and spirit on negativity.

Thats it in a nutshell today. Nothing too out of the norm for me. Now I can end my day knowing I had atleast been able to vent it all out..... Thank God for blogs. Where else can one express themself without fears of harsh words......

Take care everyone......

Be nice and love your family, friends, and the people who inspire you!!!

~You are Loved~

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