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Josh on Emmy's

jlbrown3711's picture
on September 21, 2008 - 9:10pm

OK, normally I do not watch award shows to often anymore as they always seem to be filled with mindless humor about politics and tend to be more focused on the wardrobe than actual talent.But I knew my guy was going to perform tonight and from the buzz on FOJG, I knew it was going to be good. I was just hoping and praying that my rabbit ears on my TV would keep the reception in long enough for me to see. But the more I spent on FOJG, the more I could NOT wait. I was thrilled when another site (THAT JOSH GROBAN GUY) aired it as soon as it happened. So as an impatient person I am, just had to get a sneak peak and watched the performance of Mr Groban.I wasn't sure what to expect as all the hype was way above then I could imagine. Could he be that good? Were the fans just putting him up on a pedal stool yet again? I had to find out. All I can say is that if you weren't a fan of his before, you had to be now. No, this was not some tender, romantic song he sung that made women swoon at every note. Sure, tears were shed, but not from feeling romantic. This was a song, or shall I say songs that made me laugh like I never had before. It was a song that one might have needed depends if they had watched it with a full bladder.Tears were shed, but from laughing so dam hard. It was a side of Josh that I had not seen before and absolutely adored every moment of it. If you didn't see it, just imagine this baritone voice singing songs from TV shows such as the Simpsons, the Brady Bunch, the Jeffersons, the Muppets, the love boat, cops and yes, even the fresh Prince of Bel Air....and so many others. The man danced, rapped and sung his way into the TV like I have never seen him do before. Even the facial expressions were quite amusing. This was not the typical performer Josh that I have seen before. I have so much more respect for him to truly show his sillier side of himself on stage, and on national TV. Never thought it was possible to like him even more than I do, but he so rocks. He finally showed a more down to Earth side and I think all his fans really needed to see it. I also think he made some new fans......God Bless ya Mr G for making us all laugh...... this world needs more humor.Thanks for keeping it light hearted

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