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vijaykumar's picture
on September 21, 2008 - 10:15pm

hellooo hellooo my sweet people how is every one is doing.
iam soo sorry i been totally away not answering your journals or sharing thought and taking some of the weight you carry on your chest. but i promise i will do my best to come more often.
well i start school as GIS ( geographis infromation system specialist) alot of studying and been on PC read this analyize that figure out that, but its nice to feel the stress of school coz there is result behind it. at same time iam trying to give as much as i can from my time to my wonderful love , she is going threw hard time as her dad illness is getting worse, never stopped praying so my lord will be there with them. at same time work full time and look after my house needs. as i get home i eat and hit the bed my best friend looool.but at the end IAM BLESSED WITH HIS HOLY SPIRIT, I LOVE YOU FATHER.
i think; i need a full day to update myself with your journals oooook!!! ,
i wrote this poem while iam working, some people love to give up and let go on faith.
believe me my sweet friends if you have strong faith and believe , your life foundation will be solid as ROCK.
i hope you guys will like it.


Keep on dreaming of love
Coz one day you’ll have
It’s like bright future
Worth to reverie for

Throughout it rays
Your life is going to shine
And show you the right path
There you’ll step to lead

Knock always on doors
To find the phony and true
As you earning wisdom
You’ll know what to do

Have look inside of yourself
Bring the brightness out
Say I am reborn
Say it out loud

Remember our lord’s name
As you start your day
In his amazing love
Blue sky turns out of gray

So keep reviving the faith
To make your believes stronger
To March on sorrows
And live much longer,
With love


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