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on September 22, 2008 - 6:42pm

Today was a challenging day. Missy called from the bus she was on and told me she wasn't feeling right. She was nauseated and very dizzy. I picked her up and the next bus stop took her to the hospital and on the way she was failing. The color was leaving her face and she was becoming more and more lifeless. I got her there. THANK GOD. They took her to a room and by this time she was white as a sheet. NO FOOLIN Her vitals were not good. Her blood pressure was 89 over 52 and dropping. They ran blood tests,as well as other tests, gave IV fluids and watched her. She started to come around about 5:00 tonight. All her tests came out normal and her blood pressure went up to 125 over 74. They have no idea what caused the problem She seems fine now but her energy is gone. They released her at 5:45 tonight. I took her home and I arrived home at 6:32 and I'm beat. We were at the hospital since 11:15 this morning. I am so very thankful that she's still here with us and doing alright. I'm going to be keeping a close communication with her. I might just spend the night there tonight for my own piece of mind.

This mother is a very happy one tonight.

I must go.
Have a good night all.


EDIT: I'm a bit better now. I had flashbacks when Missy was 16. She became very ill and ended up in the hospital for a month. She was diagnosed with a fatal blood disease. I lived there most of the time. One day by miracle of miracles the tests that were run on Missy on a regular basis came back normal. Her drs. hadn't ever experienced anything like that before. All their other patients with the disease had passed on. She is truly my miracle child. So once again I feel blessed.

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