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on September 22, 2008 - 9:35pm

Good, sweet, peaceful evening to all.......

Its been quite the busy day as work once again has me all over the place, but I am thankful it is still a job. We should all be thankful for our jobs. It doesn't even matter what you do, its a blessing to be able to provide for yourself. No job is beneath you!!!! I often hear the complaints from so many that I work with and a few others and I ask myself why do they complain so much? They have work, friends, and a life they call their own....what more could people want? All I ever hear from people these days is how bad the economy is, how bad the president is, who is going to beat who in the elections......its tiring. Sure, politics has its place and is important at times..... but am tired of it all. I really think we all need to stop relying on the government to solve our problems. But I know, its never an easy issue with that. Its not all black and white. Anyway, that's MY complaint for the day.....lolololol. Yeah, I am entitled to them too......I am just thankful that GOD has gotten me through another day without politics thrown in my face.

But as tired as I am, I had a peaceful Monday. I admit, I am still friggin gigglin over last nights Josh performance. I don't know why his humor surprised me as some of the interviews he has had in the past, (minus Blender) and the little jokes he makes on stage during his tour shows just how goofy this guy is, but never quite seen him perform in such a goofy way. Isn't it great that a celebrity does not take them selves so seriously? I guess that's why it was so refreshing. No matter if ya like Josh or not, ya got to admire a man for singing the COPS theme in front of a Hollywood crowd...That's brave for ya.

Oh, I was pleasantly surprised today that a woman I work with has one of Josh's cd's. Wow, all this time and I just NOW realized she likes him too....go figure!!! I think I got some more Grobanizing to do still.......lolol. Am I nuts? A woman my age going on about a singer? Sometimes I feel completely like a teenager.....Not sure I like the feeling or not. I've donme the teenbopper thing and it was rough the first time around. I suppose there are worse hobbies to have, like thong collecting, sculpting with feminine hygene products, or even worse,....yodeling Barney tunes. SO I guess Josh really isn't that bad of a hobby.

Anyhow, I am getting ready to head to bed. I swear, I must be getting old if I actually look forward to bed. ( I would even more if I wasn't but we won't go there) I mean, I have no life other than to go to work, come home and sleep......I so need a life. Hopefully things will change when my sweetie comes to visit me....No people, not Josh. LOLOL.......ALthough the way I carry on, my poor sweetie will wonder. No need to worry sweetie, Josh has his muppets. LOLO.....

Well, hope you all have a wonderful night and make sure you all remember to be thankful for your blessings. You may think it is rough for you and that life is treating you unfair at times, but just know there are those in this world who have it so much worse. Be happy for what you have....... SEEK YOUR FRIENDSHIPS WITH A FULL HEART AND YOU WILL HAVE DISCOVERED THE BEAUTY OF LIFE........

Peace and Love to all my friends

~You are Loved~

Tonight I am thankful for....GOD!!!!!!!! That is a must always!

1. Barry/my kids

2. Friends that I have gotten to know

3.Friends that I will eventually get to know

4.Sweet memories of things I enjoy

5.My tiny one bedroom apartment


7. Sweet music

8. Adventures

9. Creativity

10. Life

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