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on September 23, 2008 - 2:58pm

Here is one of my poems, as promised:


Send in the clowns,
It's been said.
But they aren't,
Supposed to be,
Sent to my head.

Everywhere around me,
What do I see.
People who say,
I'm crazy.
Although they are,
Not me.

Clowns, clowns,
Look at them all.
Someday soon,
They'll take,
A big fall.

Who do they think they are,
Cirque du Soleil?
Oh, will there be,
Hell to pay.

Copyright 2008 Annbeth Imlej

I have written many other poems, though there are still a few I have yet to post on If you go to you can find my poems under my last name--Imlej. Just type my last name in and all of my poems will appear. Some are under my given first name of Annbeth (Imlej), some are under the name Annbeth K Imlej, and some are under my nickname of Andi (Imlej). They are all copyrighted to me. If you get the chance, I hope you will check them out some time!!!

Signing off for now...


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