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on September 24, 2008 - 1:13am

Personally I like watching the tv and movie awards shows. I generally look forward to them. It's exciting to see the dress styles and to see if everyone you're rooting for wins the awards. I'm usually pretty much glued to my seat shouting out my predictions for the winners and seeing the acceptance speeches.

The political overtones of this Emmy awards and the general state of the country just sucked all the fun out of it. Also I had to work so I couldn't be there to see everything, but I taped it and I caught little things here and there. It was irritating because I kept missing Josh on air. I walked in and heard something like "...and that was Josh Groban..." right after he had been interviewed on E. Then I caught the last 5 seconds of the theme song medley.

I just got a chance to sit down and watch the whole tape this morning. I didn't care so much about the awards, no one I wanted to win won--well, okay, SOME people did, but I didn't feel that excitement like I usually do. Maybe it was because the show happened two days ago and if I wanted to I could go online and see the winners. In watching the Emmys I thought the whole hosting thing was so stupid, especially the opening. Jeremy Piven was funny when he made reference to it in his speech. I couldn't remember if it was the same way last year with the reality TV hosts hosting the show, but it was so absolutely boring. It seemed like the same people won for quite a few awards, good for them. I was glad the Colbert Report won.

My favorite part of the show was Ricky Gervais presenting and that hilarious part with Steve Carell. I read in an online article someone said Ricky Gervais should have hosted and I wholeheartedly agree!!! He would have been great. I've watched that part at least 5 times now. I think I'll keep that tape for the Ricky Gervais thing, the Groban part, and the fact that I taped all 4 hours of preshow on E! It's a little time capsule, it showed all of the popular fashions, so I figure it will be fun to watch again years from now.

JOSH! DUDE! Like I said I only got to watch his performance in full for the first time this morning. My first thoughts were:



3) He totally got Cartman's voice!

4) He was so animated and goofy, I guess you don't see as much of that at the concerts. I mean you do, I don't know. He was really entertaining! I can't describe it. Maybe it's because the rest of the show was beyond monotonous and dull, that his performance burst through the boredom.

5) He's so incredibly talented to be able to do all of those voices and just to move so quickly from song to song and not make any noticeable mistakes! It's probably easily accomplished for someone like him of course.

6) I didn't like a few of the songs, the x-files didn't have words, though it was funny with Animal being "abducted". I thought it was going to focus more on the older shows. I'm not much of a fan of Two and A Half Men, I thought a song like that, from a relatively new show would not have been included.

Even with that, I mean really he was PERFECT with each song. I know I'm repeating myself. I said the same things on the boards, but it bears repeating. JOSH GROBAN KICKED ASS AT THE EMMYS.

I loved the slow-mo running for Baywatch and was that really him voicing Animal?--so cool!

What else? lol, yes everyone's commenting on the "Oh God" before the Fresh Prince theme...I have to watch it again (just a minute).

FRIENDS--the spastic clapping..the announcing of SNL, The Late Show and Conan--All of it! South Park was probably my favorite! What energy!!! It was hysterically funny how he could switch character like that. I just think he deserved an Emmy, it really showed how immensely talented and humorous he is. I thought I already knew how talented he was, but I guess not, because I was really impressed by his entire performance. Just--WOW!!!

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