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Dancing With the Stars...

Cupid's picture
on September 24, 2008 - 1:12pm

Hey guys! Where do I begin? How about here...What can I say about Josh's performance at the Emmys except that it was both hilarious and Fabulous! And of course, nothing short of amazing! It still makes me laugh! LOL! What a week for television! The final five are performing on America's got talent tonight (Wednesday) so make sure you vote! As for Dancing With the's no surprise that I'm voting for Lance. After all, everyone knows how much I like NSYNC! However, I also like Toni Braxton. She's got such a nice singing voice that I think she and Josh should do a duet together. Honestly though, between DWTS and America's Got Talent my phone is being used more than ever! LOL! Take care guys and have a great day! Roger

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