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on September 26, 2008 - 7:07am

Well, the toothfairy did it again! Our poor kids! And what a forgetful toothfairy! It just breaks my heart when they are so disappointed when they wake to find out the toothfairy didn't leave a prize. This morning, the cover up was that our middle daughter didn't put her toothfairy pillow at the head of her bed...the toothfairy didn't have time to search for it at the foot of her bed because there are so many kids that lose teeth every day! So, while Kara was eating breakfast, the sneaky toothfairy left a $2 bill (included interest, I guess! LOL) and a note that read:
"While you were eating, I flitted back in
To look for your tooth fairy pillow on your bed--
It was on the end!
So please, next time put it under your head
So you can wake to find it first thing in the morning instead!" She was so excited--more so at the note. And guess what she took to school for show-and-tell today? Hahaha yeah, the teacher (my best friend's sister) is going to love that one! I'm sure we won't hear the end of it! And now we just have to hope that the toothfairy won't be so forgetful next time!!!

I'm running longer than I wanted to on this costume order I'm working on. But it's turning out so cute. I can't help I'm detail-oriented, can I? So what if that's the nice way of saying "OCD"... LOL Seriously, though, I have added some "extras" to it that will just put the whole costume "over the top"...and since the customers aren't expecting the details like that, I know they're going to love it! I'm going to try to deliver it at lunch today...

Well, I'm going to get back at it while my youngest little sweetie is still asleep. With the windows open, it's a little cool in the house; I know she'll want me to cuddle her when she gets up. I can't miss that, now can I? :)

Have a great day everyone!

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