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on September 26, 2008 - 3:05pm

OK, I know I may get a lot of crap back from this entry in my blog from fellow Grobies, but at this point, I really don't care. Say what ya want about it, or me for that matter, my thoughts and opinions are exactly what they are. MY thoughts and opinions.I am not going to try to make any one agree with me what so ever. I am not trying to start anything, just venting off some frustrations......

I have loved the FOJG message boards for quite some time now because it gives me a place to vent my own personal thoughts and feelings out about what ever topic that is being talked about. Most days it can be such a treat.Laughter, craziness.....just plane having fun. But along with the good, comes the bad. It can also be a place for misunderstandings, cat fights, and heated conversations that leave hurt feelings among people that are generally there for the same reason. Lately, it seems the bad is becoming more and more of the norm. But today as I roam the boards catching up with a few fellow grobies who I have gotten to know and appreciate dearly, I came across something disturbing. It was a video of an actress whom we have gotten to know of on the boards because of Mr G's fascination with her.I admit, this was the first time I have ever seen her and I won't say anything bad about her, but after seeing the video, honestly, I hope its the last time i do. All I will say about this video is that it was disturbing on so many levels. I won't give details, or post a link, or even say where exactly I saw it, because frankly it is too disturbing to even post. Besides, the great mods at FOJG have removed it. Now, I do understand as humans, we all have different back grounds, different tastes and generally have different things that make us laugh.Thats what makes us all so different and so wonderfully unique.It is what makes getting to know others so pleasurable. I get that we all find different things funny.I GET THAT! But really people, how much swear words does one need to say for a good laugh? Has the use of the English language been wasted on some? Aren't there other forms of adjectives? This video was so over the top that it wasn't funny.Now, I do not want to sound like a goody goody girl that has no sense of humor, because that is the furthest from the truth. I am really open minded about many things and love a laugh as much as the next person.I grew up with a family that watched Saturday night live, Monty python, Benny Hill, so I know how to have a sense of humor. My family made jokes every chance we could, always trying to out laugh the other person. But why does shows like SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE need to resort to shock videos to obtain laughter and ratings? The old cast was brilliant when they had people like Gilda Radner, Steve Martin, John Belushi ... those were comic geniuses. That was a time when facial expressions was all that was needed to bring a laugh to the surface. That was when people had to truly be creative and truly act with style. Now, I accept that some people are into videos like this latest one, and thats fine i suppose. To each their own. You just won't have my repsect. Not like one needs it anyway.Thats fine too. I truly have lost respect for those who do find that video amusing because it really is offensive to so many people who truly want to make this world a better place with better values. If you want to watch it fine, do it elsewhere away from a place where kids can get access.Do it in a place where it won't offend others.Whats wrong with wanting NOT to offend some one else?Doesn't any one practice that anymore?

I think it is also so disturbing that some celebrities can act in such a shocking and negative way and think that it won't have an effect on other people. I mean if your child was a fan of hers and saw this video, wouldn't you be outraged?( I guess you couldn't answer if you didn't see the video) Isn't she sending a message that this behavior is normal and is ok to do to get a laugh? I know I would be a little ticked if my children saw the video. What about the young Josh fans that roam these boards? Do their parents know that videos like these are posted here? Now, I am not blaming Josh for this at all, cause he has no control over what gets posted, but I certainly would hope he would not condone any of this what so ever. I know his humor can be dark at times, but please, I certainly would hope that he had better taste AND better values. I admit, my respect would be a little less for him as well if he was into that kind of over the top humor.Over the top is one thing, but over the top and rude is another. I know this video was supposedly a joke, and all in fun, but it didn't turn out like that. I remember the day when swearing was a bad thing to do. It seems hollywood is making it normal conversation talk. What the heck is wrong with this world? Are we all so numb to negative behavior that takes place in hollywood that we think its normal? Ok, so swearing does not just happen in hollywood, but it certainly glamorizes it. What are we teaching our youth?For now, I will hold off my opinions on Josh on that..Not like my opinion would mean anything to anyone anyway. He geniunely seems to have his head on straight, but ya gotta know theres always other sides to people that we do not see.I love his humor mostly, but admit, I don't always agree with it......Does it make me less of a fan? NO! WIll add to say his emmy performance was brilliant!THAT is HUMOR!

Sure, some people may tell me to "lighten up"...... or even maybe to get a life. My response to that is that just because I have values and think profanity is way over used, does not mean that I have no sense of humor.I do believe people can have a great sense of humor without resorting to cursing, insulting and totally being crude.

FOJG has been a great place for me many of days,and has been a life savor in times when I have needed an escape. I am always happy to meet others who love the music as much as I do and love to share the magic that we all have felt..Its not every day a true voice comes along and can bring out the most precious emotions of our hearts. I have made some wonderful friends and very blessed for it all thanks to Josh. But I am getting a little tired of the rude and crudeness of the conversations of the message boards so much so that I am thinking of just leaving myself. The mods there are not really doing much to change it either. Sure, they do alot, but not enough. Josh has said to be nice, but do we listen? This place use to be special and have meaning for me, but lately, its turned into a battle ground for who can out wit the other. It has turned into a place where people say things without thinking how it can effect some one else. After all, just because you have a right to say something, does it mean ya should??? Its turned into a place where people have forgotten why we came there in the first place. The celebration of Josh's music. How can we be proud of being called Grobanites when so many turn on others so easily? Instead of welcoming everyone into this beautiful club, and hearing everyones thoughts and opinions with an open mind, it always turns out forcing others out cause of difference of opinions and lack of respect for others feelings.How can we be proud of a club like that? I am really heart broken that I hear so many want to leave or are afraid to post now. Its really sad. These boards are for all of us, and we all need to repsect one another. If that means not saying a crude joke, or posting a crude video, then why not avoid saying it?

ok, I rambled on long enough.. just so frustrated at the thoughtless actions and messages that gets posted on these boards. I certainly hope if any one reads this, that they will try to understand I wrote this out of a concern for this club. Because one day it may be gone.If it does go, it will be because we didn't respect it enough.

Take Care you guys.....

~you are loved~

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