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He's just Josh

lracette's picture
on September 27, 2008 - 5:35pm

I was thinking about Josh's performance on the Emmy's. He was so funny and cute, as always.

What struck me was just a short time before, he made me cry with his performance on Stand Up To Cancer.

In some ways, it's amazing he can do this. In other ways it isn't. I think it's because he's just Josh. In other words, he's himself. He doesn't try to be anyone else.

I remember the first time I saw him in 2001. He was on Ally McBeal. When he started singing, my mouth dropped open. I was in awe of his talent. (I still am.) I remember seeing him interviewed sometime after that. I could put that interview up against an interview today and he'd be exactly the same. He hasn't changed at all. He's grown as an artist, but never changed as a person.

I was so lucky I got to meet him last summer. He loved what I did (I made him laugh) and he enjoyed the "special" gift I gave him. I never believed I'd ever meet him. I'm really happy I did and it was exactly the way I thought it would be.

He's just Josh....just that kid I saw on television 7 years ago.....

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