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I can see the finish line!

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on September 27, 2008 - 8:03pm

October 1st is Wednesday... I can see the finish line!

Most of my work stuff is finally settling down and thanks to the craziness I have 10+ hours of overtime that I (oh *darn*) have to reclaim before Wednesday (cause that's the start of the fiscal year and they would vanish).

Oh... *darn* I have to take Monday and part of Tuesday off because my manager insists. *SIGH*

(end of sarcasm :) )

Seriously, I'm *SO* looking forward to sitting around and doing nothing on Monday it's not even funny. Actually... I'm planning on skating more and then going to a Yoga class and then fetching with Spectre till she can't walk straight.

And somehow in the middle of this I managed to skate in my first out of town competition ever... and I won!!!!!!!!! ...YAAAYYY!!! (still hyper about that, in case you couldn't tell)

But more importantly... Our Josh blogged again! WOOHOO! Am I ridiculous for watching his video blogs more than once? It's not like new stuff magically appears in there...

And, I think because of Josh Blog + Work Stress + Tired Brain I had the weirdest dream the other night. I dreamt that there was some sort of meet and greet for us fans that I somehow got on the list for... except it was somehow in the middle of the night in like a high school auditorium (my dreams are never remotely connected to reality). Josh was at a piano on stage (and poor Darren was dressed in a tuxedo and standing at the side like a butler) and we each got to go up and sit next to Josh and he'd sing us a line or two of one song (along with loads of cameras going). Really fun :) And then when it got to be my turn Josh looks up and he actually stood up when I walked on stage. Too cute :) :)

(Then the darned alarm clock went off as I was fumbling to figure out what song to ask him to sing. At least it was Friday and I had skating to get to, otherwise there would have been some smashed electronics in my room.)

*sigh* Anyway... I'm off to treat myself to a homemade cobbled. Could be an adventure: it seems to be a tradition of utter (but mostly edible) disaster the first time I try a recipe.

Have a Joshin' one all!

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