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Another day, another entry

vijaykumar's picture
on September 27, 2008 - 9:36pm

Until I can get on the boards, this is as close as I can get to talking to people, sigh. As I sit here watching my dog Bella attack random reflections under my fireplace (she's soooo silly) I did update my about me section, although I'm not sure how anyone can access it (hmmmm, that would be good to know). However, I am enjoying the perks of the fojg site. I ordered my Josh Groban lip gloss (lovveee lip gloss) and my "don't let me go it alone" wrist band. I've also watched some of the videos. As I said in my last entry, I can't wait to get on the boards to meet you all. Also thank you to the lovely ladies who commented on my last entry, it honestly made my day. I did try to figure out how to get onto the boards from but hit another dead end. Oh well, I will be on the boards soon enough, I just need to be patient. Which is sometimes easier said the done.

Okay that's it for tonight. It's late and my dog is getting crazy (what on earth could be reflecting enough to make her leap at it like that). I will tell you all about her and the rest of the family soon. For now I'm off to wrestle with my puppy and eventually get to bed.

Take care and God bless

Aspire to inspire; before you expire

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