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10 reasons I am thankful

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on September 27, 2008 - 11:37pm

Oh, I am still quite goofy tonight.........

Tonight I am thankful for.......

1.That I did not pass gas at work at all or in other words fart! No more pull my finger bit.......

2. I am thankful I did not get the urge to buy one of those stick on bras that probably fall off somewhere when I least wanted it to. Hey look my boobs fell out. Can ya pick it up Josh?

3.I am thankful that tonight I did not have to clean up any ones pee at all. Thats a first.

4. I am thankful that Josh Groban did not sing any Barney the Dinosaur tunes at the emmy's.Although hearing him sing I love you, you love me might be a turn on......I said MIGHT!

5.I am thankful that I did not have a wedgie tonight either...Hard to work when ya gotta pull it out......wonder who was the stupid person who invented thongs?

6. I am thankful that Homer Simpson is not my realtive...atleast that i know of.

7. I am thankful that the mods here on FOJG have not kicked me out for obcessively asking if Josh can Yodel? I still wanna know

8.I am thankful Josh does not record his CD's in the bathroom...sounds of the potty..not romantic. I am flushed now.

9. I am thankful that I actually still have friends left here...... even after they read this.

10. AND finally, I am most thankful today because I am sure Josh has forgotten what I told him about cows in my town!

Ok, off to bed now...I have had way too much caffeine today!

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