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another story

vijaykumar's picture
on September 28, 2008 - 4:18am

So I am watching my neighbors dogs, Max a Vizla and Ginger a Warmriner(spelled wrong I am sure). As I always let them out while Chris is at work. I get home at 3 and he leaves at 2:45. I am playing fetch with Max, this high energy part kangaroo dog and Gigner comes up to ma and lays her pretty little gray head on my shoulder. She then starts nibbling on my ear. Then I feel the back of my earring fall down my shirt. Ginger ate my earring. I am so worried about the dog that I didn't have time to think about what earrings I had in. OOPS, she ate my diamond earring. This was a few days ago and no sign of it yet. I am making Chris look for it (not that I'd stick it back in my ear again, gross) Chris is wondering why I am not all upset over this earring, which was a decent size. I keep telling him that things can be replaced. Guess it is a good thing that my temper doesn't flare when these things happen. Maybe a better thing that I am not very materialistic. The girls at work were asking if I killed the dog to get it back. I am sad that it is gone since it was one of my favorites. Accidents happen. Things can be replace (most things anyway).
Thought I'd share the moment with you. Happy Sunday;)

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