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Nights in Rodante

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on September 28, 2008 - 9:38pm

GOing to start by repsonding to a question earlier...she wanted to know what a stick on bra was and it is exactly what it sounds like.... rubberish and sticks on to ones straps at all. not much to it (really really.) My work carries them and I just don't get the idea of wearing anything adhesive on any part of the body!!!!!!!I haven't figured out yet what holds them on....I hope that helps! LOLOL! ANYWAY>>>>>>>>>>>>

Happy Beautiful Sunday Evening to all.........

Not much going today for me other than I did something for myself today that I have wanted to do for awhile now. Ok, nothing major, just took myself to the movies. Although it would have been more fun if I had a date. But will wait for that special moment when my sweetie can take me...I hadn't seen anything good in awhile, but I had wanted to see this particular movie I went to today for quite some time now. I literally have been waiting months for its release. I admit, I love chick flicks. Nothing more rewarding then spending an afternoon in tears over some romantic love story.Believe me, there were plenty of tears. Today I went to see a movie called Nights in Rodante. It stars Diane Lane and Richard Gere. To basically sum it up, it was so incredibly moving. I guess for me, it moved me deeply because I could actually relate to the characters on some level. Any time you can feel your self through a situation of a character, it becomes almost a part of you and you can almost begin to feel as if it was reaching out to you in some way. These characters both had failed marriages and through luck, they found one another. I could feel the pain of both of these people as my own experiences have lead me in the same direction and with someone who has been there as well. I too, discoverd someone after suffering from a painful failed relationship. The story is so beautiful as these two people got to know each other through their greif. What is so ironic about this love story for me, is that it took place in a little retreat by the ocean. My first meeting of my sweetie, was supposed to be in a retreat by the ocean as well. Although, my experience didn't turn out as I planned. Just another moment that made me think of my long distance sweetie. It wasn't always easy for this couple as they had to separate for awhile as their lives were doing two separate things. Being a parent often means sacraficing for the sake of the children. Thats what they did. Being away from the one who lights your heart up is so very difficult. They kept their love alive through letters and constant communication and the moment he told her that he couldn't wait til their lives started together, I just about lost it. I have often heard those exact words and I still choke up when I think of them. I won't tell you how this story ends, because it was a total surprise to me and I am not going to ruin it for others. But make sure you have your hankies ready, because it is a tear jerker. I kept hearing snifles through out the theater as it appeared that no one there had a dry eye. Near the end of this story as this woman tried to explain to her daughter why she didn't want to try to make her marriage work with the girls father, it really hit me hard once again as it seemed to echo my own feelings. The woman tried to explain that you should never just settle with your feelings and to hold out for that one person who makes you feel like yourself. Although, she said it more eleoquantly. It was that scene that really made me let my emotions go as I know I would have said those same sentiments to my own daughters. All I can really add is that I use to believe that movies are often just that, movies, and that it hardly ever imitates real life and real romance. Hearing the phrase "This is reality" just seem to reenforce that idea. But after seeing that movie, I am not so sure. I am starting to believe that true love and romance are still alive and well and can feel like a fairytale. I should know, I feel as if I am living it.

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