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Why do doctors think it is ok...

RuthLM's picture
on September 29, 2008 - 7:55am

Well, Saturday was a busy day at work and I had to take a 3rd patient ( in adult ICU that is a big thing, usually 2 is the limit..but one of my patients was expected to transfer out ). He had a heart attack..he had a cardiac arrest in the ER but was successfully resuscitated and taken to the Cardiac Cath Lab for a cardiac stent. Well anyway after he came to me in the ICU it was necessary for me to call the doc several times for orders he didn't include and to tell him his patient was having some issues that needed to be addressed.He felt it was necessary to give me a hard time on the phone about the number of times I needed to call, how I bothered him more then anyone else and he almost hung up on me. I told him it was necessary for me to inform him about the patient's problems and if he chose not to do anything about them that was up to him but I needed to document in the chart that he was notified. It was late in my 12 hour day and I was getting tired and this was the last thing I needed from him ( this is the second time he has treated me this way). Well, the tears started to flow. I was ok in about 15 minutes and my chargenurse wanted to know what was wrong ( I don't cry very easily ). Well, he ended up coming back to the hospital to check on the patient and he was approached about upsetting me. He said he didn't mean to make me cry but I don't believe him. This wasn't the first time. I told him if at all possible I would not be taking care of his patients in the future.
For some reason, there are docs out there that think it is necessary and ok to demean nurses. As I told my peers, there are two things you do not want to hassle me kid and my job. Two things I know for sure..I am a good mom and a good nurse. Hassling me about those two things are fighting words. So anyway, why do doctors think it is ok to treat nurses like dirt. And worse, I am old enough to be his mother ( I have been a nurse for 30 years). My peers were very supportive of me and I am not the first he has been mean to. On Sunday, I didn't have that patient. The patient liked me and wanted to know why I wasn't his nurse. I told him that they needed me to take care of a difficult patient down the hall. Well, thanks for allowing me to vent.
On a brighter note, hopefully I will be able to go look at a puppy I saw online and possibly bring home. Waiting to hear from my reply to the puppy's owner.

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