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Josh and the Cookie Lady

TaleenKaye1's picture
on September 30, 2008 - 2:07am

If you haven't had the chance to go to the forums and watch the short video clip about "Josh and the Cookie Lady" please do so. It is so cute and so like our Josh. It shows Josh being led/taken to the Emmys audience with his entourage - and when did Josh need to be led or taken anywhere by the hand/wrist especially by this young woman (by the way who was she anywho?) and to be able to not find his own way? - maybe it was some Emmy rule or such. What is so cute is the way this cookie lady just wants to speak to Josh and Josh pulls and twists away from the person and goes and talks to her for just a minute or so and she gives him a cookie which he actually tastes - it's really hard to hear what she says - and then gets a quick hug and he's on his way again. She didn't even want an autograph or a picture - she just wanted to talk to Josh and even managed a wonderful hug out of it (which is more wonderful in itself because I've also had one of his hugs) and now it's immortalized on video. And just when we couldn't love him anymore than we already do! Josh - don't ever let anyone ever stop you from signing an autograph or getting a pic or just talking to a fan because that is one of the reasons we love you so! You take the time to make us feel special and not many celebraties do that. So kudos to you, Groban, and thanks for making the Cookie Lady's day and ours!!!

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