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Open House

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on September 30, 2008 - 8:44am

Well, the girls' open house at school was last night. The funny thing is that Cassidy--who's not even in school yet--was the most excited! She asked me this morning if we could go back today! I would have figured she got enough of shoving me out of the way in the halls last night! LOL She just couldn't get to where she was going fast enough, and when she'd get to one of the girls' classes, she'd climb up in one of their desks and just sit there waiting to learn something! hahaha Even funnier, is that lots of the teachers thought she was in kindergarten--she's not even 4 OR even in preschool just yet! Just really tall for her age, I guess. Both Riley and Kara brought home excellent report cards yesterday, and they both got wonderful reports from their teachers as well. It really makes a parent proud when other teachers that they don't even have in class stop you in the halls and tell you how sweet your kids are. I'm not bragging by any means, but I will say it makes me think that we can't be doing EVERYTHING wrong! LOL

This weekend is the first festival where I will set up this year with my sewing things...some of the shows I have just my sewing things, others I also advertise my cosmetic business, hand out business cards, and schedule appointments, etc. My dad and step-mother have participated in this particular one for the past couple of years (I was with them last year) and have had great results. I like the atmosphere at it the best, I think. I'll have another festival here in our hometown in the middle of the month--hopefully I'll sell everything at the first one and have to start all over for the one here! I haven't heard from any of the Christmas shows I usually do yet...I'm sure it won't be very long, though...let's hope the booth fees aren't very high this year! That part can get ya!

Well, I'm gonna go for now and get busy again on my current sewing projects. I also plan to get out all the fall decorations today--I didn't get that far the other day, and the kids are really wanting to help get it done after school this afternoon.

Sending wishes to everyone for a really great day!


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