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Happy Birthday to Me!!!

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on September 30, 2008 - 9:34am

Hello, again.

What a wonderful day... Not only is it my birthday, but I have a day off of work (Hoorah!!).

I celebrated last weekend with my family... Keeping with the fall theme, my mom made turkey with all the fixings & pie for dessert (because my dad has problems eating cake). I had such a blast playing with my younger niece and nephew... We played football, frisbee, Hop Scotch & even rolled down a few hills (that's right, I rolled down a few hills) -- Not bad for someone who's 30-something.

I'm so pleased with my dad... The night we celebrated my birthday, he ate a whole "small" plate of food (about 1/3 of a normal plate size). He sees the dietician for the first time today & it's my understanding she's going to be giving him a list of foods he should try eating. He's making such great progress, his therapist is now predicting he'll be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner in Novemeber if he keeps up with his exercises and progressing at the rate he is.

So, what are my plans for today... I am after all flying solo. I was thinking maybe I'd catch up on everthing I've fallen behind on and then maybe lounge around my apartment the rest of the day. Maybe, I'll play around with my new digital camera that I got for my birthday. I haven't decided yet.

And to anyone else who has a birthday today (and tomorrow)... Happy Birthday to all of you!!!

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