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on October 3, 2008 - 3:36pm

So Neil Diamond was a great evening. I had never been to the Hollywood Bowl before so that alone was an experience. Took one of the shuttle buses that go to the Bowl for all of their no worrying about parking. Boy, did our driver have a lead foot...LOL. No grass growing under her feet. The only souvineer (sp?) I bought was a necklace with what I thought was a heart on it. On a closer look while showing it off to one of my girlfriends...I see now that it is a guitar pick (even better!!!). It has his signature on one side and World Tour 2008 on the other side. It's hanging on my rearview mirrow...keeping a Joshie lighted disc thing company.
The concert I'm REALLY getting all excited about is Vince Gill...and that is Oct. 25. At the Walt Disney Concert Hall. From what I hear...the acoustics in this building are simply amazing. Can't wait. I've been a Vince fan long before anyone knew who he was. I'm tearing up just anticipating hearing him in that hall. I better be taking a box of kleenex with me because I know I'm going to turn into a big, old mushy thing.
Of course the really big dream is to hear Vince and Josh sing a duet. They'd probably just have to go ahead and shoot me cause that would send me way over the moon. And then the thought of Josh singing "Never Knew Lonely" or "Trying To Get Over You" has me going week in the knees (catch that little pun?). Are you listening Josh? Those are really good suggestions.
Anyway, enough rambling.
Have a great evening y'all.

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