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Really Really.......

jlbrown3711's picture
on October 3, 2008 - 6:36pm

Man, as much as I Really Really have been here on the message boards these days, can't say I am really really too thrilled. I guess one cause I am not feeling well emotionally, CAN'T SAY WHATS WRONG WITH ME, JUST THAT IT SUCKS. I also am so REALLY REALLY dam tired of hearing politics. Every where I turn I get politics shoved down my throats by so many........Its bad enough on every channel ,every radio station,every friggin paper,
but it is now spreading like wild fire on FOJG. I have seen a few good people leave here or step back awhile cause of it. Its a shame that a club that is associated with Josh can ever get like that and make members feel like they are not welcomed with their difference of opinions. All the name calling that goes on here, well, reminds me of politicians.....sad! REALLY REALLY. Differences of opinions are really hard to tolerate by some.It is one reason why I will never vote. But enough with that......politics, eek. REALLY REALLY.

Anyway, its another late night for me tonight. I have to leave here soon for work
and will be working til midnight.REALLY!!! WE are suppose to be getting some rain just about the time I get off, so hopefully my car will finally get washed. I tell ya, I am realllllllllly REALLY, bad at washing my car. I can never find the time to get it done. It use to be white, now its Brown, I think.Really!

I hope everyone has a great Friday and remembers all the good things that we are in this club for.The celebration of Josh's music. I know opinions can be different, but that can be a good thing. Life would be way too boring if we all thought the same things. I just hope people learn to accept those differences and be nice to one another here before its too late.

Take care all, have a great weekend...Hope all is well for all my Grobie friends.


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