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on October 3, 2008 - 10:53pm

Thanks Shirley, Mo, and Nessa for your willingness to help me find a way to access "Life Is A Masquerade". Mo got the link from Shirley and sent it to my home e-mail and it worked great!!!

I LOVE that song!!! It is a real change for Josh in a different direction. Keep the musical growth up, Josh. You are awesome!!! I really like Ben Folds. I had heard of him, but hadn't heard any of his CDs. I am definitely going to get atleast one of his CDs.

Thanks to Josh, my musical horizons have expanded. When I heard he was collaborating with John Ondrasik, I went out and got John's CD "Americatown" from when he was the front man for Five For Fighting, and loved it. When I heard he was collaborating with Imogen Heap, I went out and got one of her CDs and loved it.

Back to "Life Is A Masquerade" again. Can anyone instruct me in how to download the file into my Windows Media Player?? I have tried everything to save the file to the library and tried to save it to a playlist, both on my Windows Media Player, but no luck. The computer keeps telling me the file can't be found. Sorry people, but I am not a computer wiz. I wish I was so I wouldn't have to bother people. Is it even possible to download it?? Is it available on a Ben Folds CD? Again, any help would be appreciated, my friends. :-)


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