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The Weekend

vijaykumar's picture
on October 4, 2008 - 6:11pm

Hey Hey!!! The weekend is starting off great. Yesterday I finished this scrapbook I was making for our wedding & honeymoon. It turned out great. Than today I was baking cookies for a coffee hour at my church tomorrow. THe cookies were German chocolate. They turned out great. Tomorrow I have church & I am teaching an adult Sunday school class. Right now I am teaching about The Purpose Driven Life. I love that book. Than I think I will teach after I am done with the book is Martin Luther & discuss some of his topics that he would discuss. It was thanput in a book called table talks. Just in case you are wondering why I would be teaching about Luther is beacause I am Lutheran. But enough about that. I know how religion & also politics are very debatable topics.

I recently watched Josh's blog were he was discuss about how he is in the studio. I can't wait for that album. I am going through withdrawls waiting for a new album & concert tour. But than again the music he has out now never gets old. Well I am going to get going. Hope everybody has a great weekend.

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