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what is it with guys?

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on October 5, 2008 - 8:27am

I know I can't say this for all the guys out there, but what is it with them?
True, I have NO experience. I never had a boyfriend and I've never been kissed so I can't really say but...
here's the story...
On my prom, my friend came with her parents, aunt and cousin (it's a tradition here that parents come for the first 30 minutes, dance a waltz, drink some champagne and then go). Well, I was sooo happy at my prom because I was wearing my dress and my shoes (I looove heels) and I was almost like sugar-high. So anyway, when she came with them I said hi to them all and when I saw her cousin (he's a year older) I thought he was cute. Anyway, they left when it was their time to leave.
And since both she and I were dressed up and looking really good :D we were really sad that we had no one to dance with (that is, no one normal or sober) so I kept joking all night, "Call your cousin to come and dance with me."
a day or two after she talked to him and asked him what he thought of the prom and did he like someone to what he replied that he liked the girl in the colourful dress (aka me). Now when she first told me this, I was sooo happy because I couldn't believe that someone actually liked me. ME! I was always the plain, invisible one so this was a shock to me. She was happy because she thought we were gonna end up together.
Well after a while we met. That was a sickening experience... about a day or 2 before the date I realized that there was no point in going out with him because he's not the One. (don't laugh, I believe in love at first sight and soulmates and I always will) Anyway, I figured that out and it made me sick to actually go through with it but I didn't have the courage to call it off. I went to town about an hour earlier to calm myself down in my favourite bookstore but it wasn't working so I went to this other bookstore, bought 2 DVD's and saw the People issue with 100 most beautiful. So I thudded over Josh's page for good 30 minutes and then started slowly toward the town square. Since the European Championship was on, I stood in the cold (it was pretty cold that week) watching a football game with about 10 other guys. When it was time, I went to the clock where we arranged to meet. There I met this girl from my former class and then he came. She grinned and I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. I actually lied to my parents and told them I was going with my friend (his cousin) to town... I was sooo nervous! I was literally sick. So we went to get pancakes (his brilliant idea) but he got only for me (he insisted on paying)and we sat down. So I tried to hurry with eating so I could talk and not just be silent. In hurrying up I got chocolate all over my fingers... feel free to laugh... so he gave me skip parts... it was horrible! The man kept saying things about himself. We finally start a normal conversation and he just goes: "Oh by the way, I love..." and kept doing that! I mean, I was nervous too, and it was a first time for me too but God, I know that you don't go and on about yourself... anyway, that torture ended. He insisted on walking me home (I would have much rather listened to my MP3 player) but he said that he'll pop by my friend on the way back (she lives nearby) and at the point where I went one way and he another, he just interrupted me in the middle of my sentence and said: "Alright, I gotta go, I'll contact you about the next time if you want. Bye!" and turned around and left! I just stood there, with a confused look on my face: "Ok... bye..."
That was 4 months ago! We'd talk through IM here and there (altogether 10 minutes and I'm not joking) and today he sends me a message saying when are we going out for a drink. I told him that I don't like going out to drinks because I don't drink coffee and I always finish my drink first and I just don't like it. And he says: Ok, bye then. And I meant a soda.
And there goes my confused face again. So I said, I know you meant a soda, I just don't like going for one and bye!
I mean, what is it with guys! They're either taken, gay, future priests (in my sad case) or like this!

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