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I Should Be Studying

sburggrobanite08's picture
on October 5, 2008 - 6:15pm

I have a chemistry exam tomorrow. 15 questions, all multiple choice. I can't bring myself to study. Today, I watched Freddie Prinze Jr. movies. Yesterday, I watched Chris Evans movies. *sigh* I need to stop watching movies and get studying! I made a list of my most favorite male celebrities today. The list is surprisingly short, in my opinion... I thought it was longer, but I really can't think of anyone else who I REALLY, really like enough to put on the list. Here it goes, in no particular order: Josh Groban (duh!), James McAvoy, Patrick Dempsey, Chris Evans, Freddie Prinze Jr., Kasey Kahne (a NASCAR driver), Keanu Reeves, Ioan Gruffudd, and Hugh Jackman. *sigh* they're all so beautiful. Haha, I should get my head out of the clouds now. They're all way too old for me, although Josh, Chris, and Kasey are all about nine years older than I am (that's not so bad.... haha :P). And besides, I've got my own very confusing boy to worry about. Boys, boys, boys. Can't live with them, can't live without them. AH, man. I really should get to studying. I'll be off, for now.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! The fall weather is fantastic! My favorite.

Oh, and that history exam I told you I bombed? I did bomb it. I got a 71. I am glad I passed though.

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