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on October 7, 2008 - 7:47pm

back when I was talking about my wierd next door neighbor? You know, they planted small trees in hopes of someday having a hedge between us and them?

Well, this summer Mike...the neighbor, uprooted some of those trees and replaced them with BIGGER trees. I happened to be out watering my bushes one day and he peaks around from planting a huge spruce and says "Hey, just wanted to let you know we aren't trying to screen you guys out."
I said, "Oh, it's ok big deal, we all need our privacy!"
I about cracked up. I was squeeing on the inside!
Not only did he plant 6 huge trees, he added some privacy fencing where the trees stopped.
Nahhh, he's not trying to screen us out! LOL!!!

So, today...I pull in from work and there's this long barn they had moved in on the other side of the huge trees.
I chuckled and said "Good Lord...what is that man doing?"
I asked Robert the same question and he said....."I don't think HE knows what the hell he's doing!" HA

What's so funny is what was once a strained relationship has turned into a pretty good neighbor. Our kids play pretty well together and I actually like his wife. We get along great now.
Robert says...."and we'll get along better the more they screen us out!"

Your comments are hilarious. I did actually find out that his wife is pregnant with their 4th kid for crying out loud! That is not a 4 kid house and they have 2 dogs!
Robert thinks the nursery will be in that barn. LOL!

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