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on October 7, 2008 - 10:09pm

my people, my friends,my beloved nation.
how is every one is doing , i hope all is great and lovely full of blessing under our lord holy spirit.
i been reading more then writing on my journal, ah well i love to listen to you and have some laugh or tear with you guys coz you worth it.
work is crazy thing in life but i have to do it , BUT school is the car with our breaks so either will drive you to the edge of valley or will make your brain spin like rollercoster hahahahaha GOOD ONE,but it's amazing to know you are climing the ladder and fighting to become some body in this world. lastest news, finally i had put togather ( MARLBORO MAN poetry 3 pages ), its one of my favorite poetry i had ever wrote 6 months of writing JEEEZ i thought was novel loool, YOU'RE MY SUMMER MORNING; turned into a sweet poem full of my feeling and love to my angel ( LOVE YOU CUTIE ) and MAN OBLIGATION; a great message to every man, who doesn't respect what he has. those three works of mine with 3 or 4 more poems/poetries, if GOD is willing, they will be post it under the contest before end of this month ,plus there is a project is due soon which i have to write between 5 to 8 if not 10 pages of analizing words under 13 questions ( to much work poor me ) looool. ( IAM IN NEED FOR YOUR PRAYERS MY SWEET PEOPLE). ( SHARI ) REMEMBER SHE IS AN ANGEL IN SKY AND WITH HER WE WILL SING A SWEET LULLBAY, BE HAPPY AND MAY OUR LORD REST HER IN PEACE WITH ALL HIS BELOVED ONE.

this one of my short peom i wrote , i hope you guys will like it


The lamps on houses
Nothing sees but us,
Whispering love words
As we pass by,
Sensing warmth of
Our sweet endless love,
While we are walking
In the love avenue

Once I let my hand
Feeling your irresistible lips
Made our first
Compassion kiss,
I felt you melting
On my thirsty hand,
As snow flak melts
Once it touch the soil
Walking in Love Avenue

Lay your head darling
On my hungry shoulder,
Dream how will be in love
As we become much older,
Listening on love birds
Singing our love song,
How we become lover
Take my hand my love
Let’s walk in Love Avenue

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