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D: holy long day....

Natticus's picture
on October 8, 2008 - 12:51pm

Holy crap the last couple days have just dug oooon.

I locked my keys in my car last night.... sweet lovin' AMA came and got them out for me though, i was like bookin it to the bus cause AMA man came like at 8:00 and my bus came at 8:10.... snap! my dad took my keys to make duplicates cause i'm a pauper and has no monies D:
thats my story for the day....
I am going to see Eagle Eye tonight! YAY movies i haven't been to the theatre in forever, i'm stoked!
i just found ObiWanCannoli on dA that was rad HELLO!!!!!
I need sugar 8I
random random random.... I'm bored hahahahahaha *craaaaaaaaazy
haha my roommate and i watched Le Miz (with Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush)seriously, poor Javert has the crappiest little crap life! haha and it was hilarious! and he's like so short comapared to Liam's ValJean. haha! ohthe funniness of it all...

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