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on October 10, 2008 - 9:21am

I try to stay out of the drama that ensues very frequently on FOJG but this is my journal and I feel that I am pretty safe to write down my thoughts here without being pounced on - I certainly would never add a nasty comment to anyone's journal so I hope that is the case with mine today.

In reading the thread about all of the lucky Grobies getting to go to the event in CA, the first thought that came to mind was how happy I was for these lucky folks to share such a special event with Josh and his family.
I did not even think about how these people came to be there besides the obvious person Alice, I just thought it was a nice thing they did inviting these folks.

Life is too short to hold such harsh feelings in reference to this event.

In the last week I have been to two separate funerals for co-workers who both died unexpedtedly - both in their mid-fifties. Leaving behind husbands, children and grand children. I just got back from my second funeral and to see the heartbreak on the faces of the family and friends left behind grieving really puts things in perspective for you.

I am not judging anyone for their feelings that is not why I am writing these words, everyone is entitled to their own feelings but to write things that are not very nice about fellow Grobies, fellow human beings really bothers me.

Just remember that life is too short - hug your kids, husbands, mothers, fathers, friends a little tighter today and be thankful you have the ability to still do so.

As Josh said to everyone, please try to be nice to each other.

Peace out.

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