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Looking for distraction

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on October 10, 2008 - 10:26pm

Late(ish) at night entry coming up...

I was mooching about this afternoon and wanting a distraction so, as is often the case with me, I turn to writing. You'd think that spending umpteen hours a day putting words on a page and I'd want to, well, go see the daylight outside. Seems not. Life? Pffft. Overrated. For those of you who don't know, I have a blog elsewhere that's written just for my friends. Obviously it's more candid in terms of subject matter and language than would be appropriate here, so I'm gonna try a little something now; I'll try and keep a blog here for a while as well. I asked for writing prompts from my mates this afternoon and, probably predictably, the usual x-rated suggestions flew in. Um, no. Possibly not. But then one turned up - actually from an FoJG member. Hey, Lauren! Guess what? I'm gonna bore you witless with this now until Christmas.

She asked me to write about my favourite place in London - and I'll immediately say to those of you reading that Google is probably going to be your friend here. I'll also add that I'm what is considered a fanatical Londoner. I love my city; I live and breathe it. Every time I walk over Waterloo bridge and see that view, it sends chills down my spine. Granted, it's usually flipping freezing down there, but it's because it's the most awesome view and one I'll never tire of seeing.

Oh, and, before I forget, spelling and grammar do not count here...I'm off duty now.

Now, apart from the Fentiman Arms - my local boozer ( - and Heathrow T5 for HMV having a vast stock of Josh CDs prominently displayed, (okay, kidding at that choice), or flying over the Thames on approach to City Airport(does that count?), hands down my favourite place is the South Bank. Or rather walking along it on a clear day during the autumn. I walk all the way from Butler's Wharf in Docklands to Vauxhall and probably keep all the coffee vendors along the way in business. For anyone who doesn't know the area, Docklands and the South Bank when I grew up was a horrid place; the walk I do now was pretty nasty and the once thriving docks were just wasteland and derelict old buildings with smashed out windows. Not quite the case now. Apart from all the redeveloped flats, there are - in no particular order - a load of fantastic bars and restaurants (notice how I get that in first), Shakespeare's Globe theatre, The Eye, Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, City Hall, views of St. Paul's, the Palace of Westminster, and The Gherkin, the Wobbly Bridge (what?! it'll always be that to me...), Hays Galleria, the National Theatre complex and Royal Festival Hall which has been newly redeveloped, Gabriel's Wharf and the Oxo Tower, umpteen pubs and Vinopolis, Borough Market (where despite the tourists I still like to go shop for food at the weekend), Southwark Cathedral, and all those windy little lanes to get lost in. Someone will come on here and bellow that I've missed something out and I'll be humiliated and be branded a crappy South Londoner. *shrug* You takes your chances when you post...

So, yeah, Lauren, I'm gonna make sure you know the place as well as I do by the time your semester in London is over. You'll be an honorary Sarf Lahndaner if it's the last ruddy thing I do. Complete with stupid accent.

You'll be there in the run up to Christmas and once the little lights are put up in the trees along the South Bank, we're going walking on a crisp evening and drinking big cups of coffee along the way. No doubt the adult version as you're legal here. I'll turn a blind eye if you like Starbucks.

Oddly enough, I'm writing this entry in New England. Make of that what you will. For those who give a rats, I've posted some pics of the places I've been to over the summer so far. Left London end of June, not leaving Boston (for the second time) until next week. *Really* not ready to go back to London yet and also hoping the Red Sox do their thing. The Yawkey Way store had a 50% off sale yesterday. Let's say Amex was my friend. And that I now own a really nice pink sherpa hat with socks on that'll probably keep me warm on Waterloo bridge. I also promise to wear it next time we're all freezing our arses off outside the London Studios waiting for Josh. Stupid hat pics FTW.

Anyway, I digress. I tend to do that on my LJ as well. Sowwy.

Photos of reprobate Grobanites I may have met along the way are hosted elsewhere, although someone's Converse do make a guest appearance with mine...gettin' it on to the dulcet sounds of Un Amore Per Sempre in downtown Stockholm. Okay, maybe I embellish a little there, but we were lying flat on our backs, feet in the air, taking pictures at 5.30am, much to the amusement of a little old granny in her apartment overlooking the street.

Oh, and, those pictures elsewhere? Even I can be bought. Jus' sayin'.

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