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some men are babies

jlbrown3711's picture
on October 11, 2008 - 9:44am

Can someone tell me why men can act like such babies? My ex is at it again and I have had it....... I am one step closer to obtaining a restraining order against him. He doesn't like how I am moving on in my life so he has to cause trouble for me....... this latest incident, well, let us say he threatened to call the police on me if I didn't return the cell phone to him immediatley. I was going to, but told him I wanted to erase some things first. But that wasn't good enough for him. So the threats were made to me RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY KIDS...and I was devasatated to see how upset my 6 year old boy was and my 12 year old daughter....... I just don't understand why he would hurt the kids like that.......I am so tired of his $h*T. GROW FRIGGIN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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