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To answer a question...

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on October 12, 2008 - 10:10pm

I vote London for a semester abroad. You can travel to many places in Europe from the city (hint - Amsterdam on EasyJet...) and the UK has the added bonus of serving you beer in proper pint glasses and not some silly little bottle or small, funny shaped glass. Besides, I believe that the National Union of Students still subsidise the stuff in Union bars, so fun times.

And, no, not considered an alternative career as a tour guide, although I'm quite certain that I can a) talk with enough authority about London and b) talk the hind legs off a donkey. So if there's ever no work as a lobbyist, maybe I could give it a go. By the way - lobbyists? Paid to talk the hind legs off a donkey...

So, I've been on the road now for nearly four months and I've got two days left until I fly home. I'm really not feeling like I'm ready to go back yet and I'm wondering whether I'll wake up on Thursday morning, throw the laundry on, and hit the airline sites again to look for somewhere else to head to and explore. Sensible suggestions greatly welcomed. Bonus points for anywhere I haven't been to before.

Last count, I have 452 pictures of leaves. Seriously. 452. There's something magical about walking about the neighbourhood here, nobody else about, and just hearing the leaves fall gently down to the ground. I really wondered how many local people here even stop to notice the colours on their streets? Whether they take it for granted or not? Tomorrow I'm going to Wellesley - my poor mother still lives in (false) hope that I might take an extremely dull teaching job and settle down there one day soon - to take more photos. I have a thing for warm, autumn colours. Despite spending a chunk of my childhood on the Adriatic coast - ah, Communism and seven people stuffed into a one-bedroom house, how I miss thee - and still enjoying the summer breeze on the beach there, I can't help but adore when I get back to the UK and I have to wrap up warm with twenty-two scarves, woolen hat and jumpers that make anyone look like the Michelin man. Cold, crisp, sunny autumn days when the leaves are just falling are the *best*. Again I confess it's probably just an excuse to say that I need to go to the evil empire that is Star***ks and stock up on anything vaguely spicy and loaded with sugar to whack in my coffee.

Enough for now. Going to take one last look at the boards to see if anything vaguely amusing is going on - then bed. Need to keep my energy levels up to annoy Ali some more...

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