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Football Homecoming...

RuthLM's picture
on October 13, 2008 - 6:28am

Well, it was homecoming weekend in our town in Texas. My son's freshman team won their game on Thurs (6-2), our varsity football team won their game on Friday(42-0)and my son went to his freshman homecoming dance on Sat
(he said he had a nice time).
I was busy at work on Sat, but Sun was better.
My son has a day off from school today and had a friend sleep over last night. And Mom...gets to clean up the mess that her husband and son made this weekend. Friday afternoon it is picked up and by Mon morning...well it looks like a tornado went through the house, especially the kitchen.
Still can't get on the boards so I guess I'll have to e-mail someone at FOJG and see if I can get some help.
Have a great day!!

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