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would've liked to stay home today....

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on October 16, 2008 - 8:58am

Although I've mentioned that I live in the desert - I don't believe I've mentioned that I work 80 miles away. And yes, I carpool. It means that my alarm goes off by 3:15 a.m. Yes, that's A.M. Have to be at the park'n'ride by 4:35 a.m. to be at work by 6:00 a.m.
Getting up that early is in direct opposition to the fact that I am a night owl. Sometimes I do not get to bed until 11:00/11:30. Since I'm not the spring chicken I used to be...I can't get by on no sleep. Remember those days? Fun days. I'm probably a tad bit grumpy as well...I'm sure someone will let me know if that's the case. LOL Anyway, I have been a little on the clumsy side all week. Due to the lack of sleep no doubt. A couple of "Lucy" moments this morning. Squirted concealer everywhere. Tried to get the excess back into the tube...thru that teeny, tiny little opening (didn't work all that well). Then for no apparant reason, the cap to the concealer decided to make a run for it and just leaped off the bathroom counter. I don't know where it went, couldn't find it. So that's MIA. Of course, what was left of the concealer is going to be all dried up by the time I go to use it tomorrow morning. Guess we know who's going to be scarey looking tomorrow. LOL I am a klutz that's for sure. Living in the desert we deal with extremely high winds a lot...and they blow trash cans all over the place. You have to go chase them down and make them come home (more escapees?). I am in a rural area so there is a lot of open space for them to be blown into. About six years ago, after a particularly "breezy" day - I arrived home to see the trash cans all over. The 45 gallons ones were easy. The big, blue 90 gallon one was over by a neighbors fence, laying on it's side. If you have these big containers you've probably seen the label on them that states "do not move while container lid is open". Yeah. After getting it upright I went to wheel it home...yes, with the lid open. When the lid is open it loses any center of gravity or stablization. Pushed it to get it going...which is where I lost control. The container went down and took me with it. There I was half in the container - and the other half sticking out...and yes, that part was my butt. Not easy getting free either. Had to crawl out. Lovely sight, some woman with her ass in the air trapped half inside the big, old waste container! Looked around after I FINALLY got out. Thank goodness I don't think anyone witnessed that little fiasco. Yeah, call me Grace...ROFLMAO
I have more stories, but will wait for another time.
Y'all have a less clumsy day than me. (by the way, I couldn't stop laughing when that happened).
p.s. no one noticed that I screwed up the should be stars not moon. Bad southern woman LOL

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