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on October 16, 2008 - 9:43am's cold here this morning - 34 degrees! My pretty little morning glories got "bit" so I can pull those this weekend. I suppose it's time to pull everything in - flowers, plants, etc. WINTER will soon be here!

Tonight is our last TIGER football home game and the last marching band 1/2 time performance. Do I want to go? Burrrrr!!! Of course! I just have to bundle up :)

Hannah called from college. She went to see the school nurse and she sent her off to the clinic - thinks she has a sinus infection - ugh. She sounded absolutely miserable. My step mom stopped by this morning for some Mary Kay. I wish I could show you all a pic of her...she's 88 going on 70...the sharpest, classiest lady...we had such a nice visit.

Sister Greta and her family are leaving for Florida this afternoon..........I WISH I WAS GOING WITH!!! Warm weather sounds really really nice right now :)

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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