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Smile Josh

jlbrown3711's picture
on October 17, 2008 - 6:27pm

Call me nuts, and I know you all will..... but the latest Josh Photos are just ok..... Hold on, let me explain first before you all get worked up. I love Josh and think he is a very incredibly handsome guy to say the least, but latley it seems the professional pics are making him look way too serious. Personally, I THINK he needs to smile more cause he has a million doller smile and when they take his picture without a smile, it looks too serious if ya ask me. Even the AWAKE CD Cover he looks more angry than anything..... Sure, he looks good in a suit, and well, anything really, but HE NEEDS TO SMILE MORE AND LOOK LESS SERIOUS!!!!!The one of him smiling is the best one...oh yeah! But then how does one relax when getting a professional pic done? I am sorry, I know some people will have no clue as to where I am coming from, but thats ok..TO EACH THEIR OWN.Man, even the collections cover is way to serious for my taste...I gotta admit, I think Josh could use more creativity when making CD covers. Sure,its easy to have a pic of ones face on it, but where is the creativity? I am sorry, i know it sounds like I am nit picking josh...I am not....just stating my own thoughts and feelings on the subject. LOVE the guys music deeply and always will, but kind of liking the sillier side to him better. SMILE JOSH, YOUR SMILE ROCKS!


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