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Just a note

Boadicia's picture
on October 18, 2008 - 7:53pm

Ive got another foster greyhound for a couple weeks. My Greyhound org. that I volunteer for took 10 from a track in Iowa. He is Boc's Golden Boy, Ive been calling him goldy. Hes 2 and a real beautiful tan with black face. Banged up tho. old scars on his back and he is favoring a back leg. Hardly walks on it really. He goes in Monday to be vetted so hopefully they can fix him up. My favorite thing is after a couple weeks when I hand him over to his permanant home, they always are so appreciative. It gives me a Warm fuzzy as they say! Otherwise, Just trying to hang in there by the skin of my teeth.

Well, the foster is at the vet today getting "taken care of" and I sat at work all day waiting for them to call me to tell me I would either be picking up a 3 legged dog or no dog at all but I never got that call so I guess the boy is just fine. Ill find out tomorrow when I pick him up what was going on with his back leg but at least hes ok.

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