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don't travel with a cat

lindyjean's picture
on October 19, 2008 - 10:51am

sp. i made it up to oakland with my son's cat. she did not ride as easily as he said she would. she wanted to be in my arms...not my lap, which would have been, she wanted to be in my arms. she weighs 12 lbs so while not gargantuan, she's a decent lug when she's fully relaxed. when i got into city traffic i had to keep pushing her aside and she didn't want this, so she kept trying to get in my arms while i was navigating unknown territory in traffic. then, last night, she decided she didn't want to sleep. she kept meowing, crawling all over the bed, standing on my pillow (and head) and kneading at me with her claws, purring and, her specialty, drooling. she jumped at every little noise, and essentially made sleep impossible til around 5 am. i was dozing from 2 til five then fell asleep, only to be awakened at nine by the housekeeping staff, who came in despite the, "Privacy Please" sign on the door. so i got up and now couldn't find the cat---not under the beds, not in the bathtub (she likes to lay in the bathtub when she's hot), not in the closet, or any drawers, the dirty clothes hamper, behind the drapes....she's gone. so, i was about to go find the housekeeping people to see if the cat had run out when they opened the door, when the cat crawled out from under the entertainment center, stretching, looking so contented. my son and i thought, well, glad SOMEONE got a good night's rest......i have to drive home today, and the cat will be put in her harness, and confined to one place. i can't have her running around like she did yesterday. even though the latter stages of the drive are familiar and uncrowded, she still needs to be in one place. maybe she'll ride better. now, i'm going to try to take a nap---the cat went back to sleep!!!

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