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God bless us, everyone!

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on October 19, 2008 - 10:33pm

10/18/08 Sunday 11:30 pm

The laundry is done. I watched NCIS and the last two episodes of Numbers over the weekend.

After a couple of cloudy days and some rain, there is sunshine again. The cooler temperatures feel nice, as opposed to the hotter weather we had last month.

It’s nice to see the price of gas below $3 again. Thankfully, I have to drive only 5 minutes to get to work. It’s been nice for the past year to work so close to home. I’m hoping to start working from home in January. My mom lives with me but I’m concerned about leaving her all day. I’m waiting for the approval from my manager, once the budget is set for next year.

I watched SNL last night. Aside from Watching Sarah Palin in the opening skit, it reminded me of why I don’t watch the show. What was funny about the skit of a man asking his girlfriend to marry him? The show doesn’t appeal to me.

I like to watch/read mysteries, sci-fi, news programs, and, of course, music shows. I saw a preview of a new show that starts on Nov. 1. It’s called Legend of the Seeker, based on books by Terry Goodkind. It looks interesting.

God bless us, everyone!

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