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Dull and boring entry

nathelle's picture
on October 21, 2008 - 6:52am

A coyote ate my dog. My Aunt Elsie died. My friend Grace died. My sister is being nice to me for some odd reason. I'm still depressed and now I have what Dr. R. calls "breakthrough" anxiety attacks which are as about as fun as a root canal without novocaine. Still talking ect. But on the happy side: Demetri is still with us (so are his parents) Tony's parents hit the lotto but it was a small one so no one around here is rich. I'm playing the bass every Sunday which is probably the most fun I have had in forever. It doesn't even make me nervous. I still haven't gone back to TKD but it's almost over for the year. That's it. Oh yeah, I turned 50.

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